Abdulla Thalaal Ahmed

Managing Director

After completing high school in 1983, Thalaal started his career as a draftsperson at Architectural Section of Government of Maldives. In 1987, he became the Architectural Technician at the newly formed Office of Physical Planning and Design. Thalaal left for UK in 1988 where he received Bachelor of Architectural Studies in 1992 at University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He returned to Maldives and joined as an architect at the Ministry of Construction and Public Works (MCPW). In 1993, Thalaal with two other partners formed the Gedor Architecture as a part time office with one draftsperson, and became the second architectural design firm in the Maldives.  He left for UK again in 1998 to complete his architectural studies and in 1999 received Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He returned to Maldives and continued to work at MCPW and Gedor. Thalaal was appointed as the Managing Director at Gedor in 2001 and in 2003, Thalaal joined full time at Gedor.  In 2004, he became a chartered architect at the Royal Institute of British Architects. Thalaal is also a registered architect in the Maldives.

He is currently responsible for the many of Gedor’s architectural projects. He also works in close collaboration with international architects on high profile projects such as One and Only Reethi Rah. His work includes, State Trading Organisation’s Head Office, Maldives Monetary Authority’s Head Office and Velana Building, the largest office complex in the Maldives. He is widely known in the tourism sector for the designs such as Hakura Huraa Resort and Berinmadhoo Resort & Spa. In his 25 year career, Thalaal’s has designed a significant number tourist resorts, residential and commercial buildings, mosques, and schools. Thalaal is currently the Managing Director of Gedor Architecture and heads architectural department of Gedor.