Civil & Structural Engineering


Civil and structural engineering is a discipline that we have gained much experience over our long history of existence. Creative structural engineering comes with the experience of working alongside other engineering disciplines. Our engineers work, day in and day out, with other disciplines from concept stage to detail design and are highly skilled in providing properly worked out solutions, that are rational, in design. Structural engineering must ensure that your structure lasts without fail for its designed duration and not only that, but that it survives, unscathed from environmental stresses and the element to which building material are highly susceptible. Engineering detailing and specifying the construction process and the materials used ensure that your building structures survives well.

Structural analysis of older builidngs and deteriorating buildings is a specialised field for which we provide our services. Engineers have to make accurate analysis of the causes of the buildng failure and work out the remedial solutions. This takes into account the methodology for correcting the defects, repairing damaged areas, including water leakages etc. This also include determining the material quantities and costs that will incur on correcting the defects. A valuable service to building owners who want to get the optimum out of their investements over a longest period of time.

Structural monitoring of buildings and other structures are part of our service. There are times when buildings get old and the fear of a structure collapsing may call for the need to carry on the process of structural monitoring. There are also times, when adjacent building works may cause ground vibrations that may cause alarm for structural damage to healthy buildings.

Our engineers are well versed in surveying, observing, montiorning and recording of these suspected buildings. These are services where accuracy and a systematic approach is a must and our engineers will strictly observe these requirements in coming up with their reporting to the building owner.

Geotechnical surveys and investigations are another area of our expertise. This is the study on behaviour of the ground under structural loads, soil and water interactions. Crucial, in our work, for foundation design and to warrant the integrity of the structual engineering of your building development.