Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/Fire Engineering

We are the most experienced in providing an engineered solution to the services you require in a building, namely mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire engineering, airconditioning and ventialtion, lifts, pools, etc. These services are the backbone of a building in operations. They need to be properly sized and designed to detail, in order to minimise waste and make it a sustainable operation, including the saving of cost in its operation.

A building with improperly designed building services will have never ending issues such as bad ventilation, dampness and mold growth, which can often be toxic, and giving a general feeling of drowsiness inside the building. In a building with badly designed building services it will tend to feel like you are unwell and in this situation it is often referred to as ‘sick-building-syndrome’.

We strive to make sure that our clients are well aware of the pros and cons of installing building services and what makes your building a healthy building to live in. We also empahsise the importance of sustainable design and will always explore alternative sytems, alternative energy sources and how practial and durable the design is in order to make sure that it lasts the operational lifecycle of the building. In this day and age of global warming where we talk of ‘zero carbon footprint’, building design needs to take into consideration, less use of energy in its operations. This calls for ‘passive design’ in the engineering of buildings. For instance, the insulation properties of the materials used for the building envelope and roof can help reduce heat gain, reducing the load on your air-conditioners or active cooling of your building. Installation of solar hot water systems can reduce the energy used for production of hot water, unlike if it was based 100% on an active system. The heat gain through large areas of glass or windows have a direct impact on building cooling. Alternative energy sources such as photovoltaics linked to low energy lighting are all part of the solutions sought today in regard to building design and development. Our building services design team are highly knowledgeable in guiding you to an energy saving or a greener building. If you require green building certification such as that by BREEAM or LEED, we will design, specify and detail your building to achieve that.

Our experience makes us the leading consulting firm in regard to the design of building services and with us you will have the best team working on your project.

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Building Services Engineering