We have been the lead architects for some of the major projects in the Maldives. We have provided complete design services from concept design to detail design for residential buildings, large office buildings, a number of resorts, other industrial projects, health facilities and mosques.

We are highly experienced in providing total architectural solution for all design aspects of a building project. Your project design team is backed by a highly experienced team of engineers, from civil and structural engineering to mechanical and electrical engineering. The team is also supported by an inhouse quantity surveying section that will guide your project budgets from the outset.

A building is not only there as public art. It is a highly functional machine designed to be lived in, protecting you from the elements and providing you creature comfort. Achieving all these, needs technical skills and a multi-disciplinary design team who are well experienced to design a product that can stand the wear and tear it faces throughout its lifecycle. For a building to stand the test of time, it needs, not only appealing design, but proper construction detailing and specifying technical performance of all materials used for the construction. It is our broad experience that give us the ability to guide you on the minutest detail of your building project. With us, the design of your building is in safe hands.

As the building investor, your main interest would be to own a highly marketable and a unique product, in design, and on completion of construction, and making sure that your intended budgets will achieve your dream project. We assure you that our professionalism and technical expertise is offering you exactly that.

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